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Visiting the St. Louis Art Museum!

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the Secret; is it only a book?

A friend of mine recommended the Secret, a book of positive thinking, with other words a  a personal development book. After being to lazy to read it, and getting a hold of the audiobook, I was impressed!

Cover of "The Secret"

Cover of The Secret

Being a teenager, I am (as if now, I was) very negative and had my bad days, and my even worse days, until I read the secret.

It is a book, but is it only a book? The Secret movement has been going on since the first and original the Secret was published in 2006; since then a follower of the book, the Power, has also been released. The word has spread around the world in different countries and to all age groups.

It has almost become a religion, modernized people who turn away from religion but instead turn to something else, like for instinct the Secret. 

Would I reccomend it? YES highly! Read it, give it a chance!

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