Post #1

Starting to count my posts now! My goal is to reach as high as I can, and I will.

Just got home from a long-lost friend’s. Don’t you like how suddenly, the ones you grew apart with, just happen to reappear in your life like a rainbow after the rain??? I don’t know why I used rainbow, because they’re beautiful and nice I guess.

Not that it has been that much of rain in my life in the beginning of this year, it has actually been bright and warm (cold weather but.. you get me).

I have been wondering, for a while, which posts are more appealing; long or short ones?

I enjoy reading short ones, the long ones are way too time consuming, and if the writer is not fairly skilled, it just gets boring halfway through.

Well this was a short one.. to make it a little more interesting, I’ll throw in a pic of the Arch in St. Louis.


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