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Half birthday!

I decided before I started this blog, that it was not going to be a blog about my typical daily life and happenings…
Today though was just great. I had some of my dearest Americans around, and realized how much I take for granted..

Lately I have looked forward to leaving to go back home; to see my family, friends and so on.. but what I didn’t realize fully, is that I have it all here. I have got to know a whole other family, who is my second family now, and friends who mean more to me then I ever thought.

Even though I am far away from all the things I used to know, I learned to know something else, something new and different, and words can’t describe how important that is for me.

Just felt like throwing that out there. It’s true what you’ve all heard so many times.. “You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone!”.



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A story worth listening to.


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Maybe.. in the future..

I listened to this song today. I love Ingrid’s songs, and I feel that I can relate especially to this one. Being an exchange student, it’s hard to not think this way, I mean who’s to say that everything will be the same when I get home, and that everyone will still be there? I know it’s not the case; friends and relatives have moved to different places already. It sounds like a children’s story, but both my dog and my cat died. People move on, things change a lot in a year and it’s not easy to accept.

I am looking forward to and dreading going home in about twelve weeks. I have experienced so much in these soon to be ten months, at the same time, this has been the hardest year for me. Experiencing this new culture has sure been an .. experience!
Americans are so different from Europeans. Especially Midwesterners compared to North Europeans.

Since I’ve been here, I have had my hard and easier times, and at times also thought that this was a bad idea. Lately though, I have realized there are exchange students that have it far worse than me, I mean a big part of exchange students change hostfamily, just like I did, but others get far worse placements that I got at first, so it’s not as bad as I thought at all.



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Spread the word to end the word!

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Pledge and be heard! – is the motto of the amazingly well liked campaign; Spread the word to end the word.

The campaign is about the rights of mentally retarded people, and how we don’t think about it when we throw the word “retarded” around.

I mean, who hasen’t heard a person (mostly silly teenagers) say “that’s retarded!”, or “you’re retarded!”, even though the person is perfectly normal. How would a retarded person, or his/hers relatives feel in this situation?

I have a school teacher, who has opened my eyes for words and their true meanings.

SO go pledge and be heard!

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