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Schools here agaaain!

So school started again, and I love it.. love it love it love it!!! (seriously)
The only little thing I don’t like so much is homework starting again. Luckily it’s starting slowly, and little at a time, but still.. I can see myself a few weeks from now, almost crying because I have a duedate for something really important like math x(

Back to the more happy stuff. People in my class are great, we all seem to get along already after only a week.

The bold part of this post was written about two weeks ago, so here’s a little update.

This week we only had one (ONE) day of school! Holy shiz! Pretty amazing you think, huh?
Well that is because we had school monday, tuesday the weather got so bad that all the busses were cancelled, which means school’s also cancelled. Wednesday ’til friday we were on a class trip with lots of fun and getting-to-know-each-other-time, which I really enjoyed.

Since I got home friday I’ve just been relaxing to the max. Since I got around three hours of sleep night til friday, I really didn’t feel like I had energy to do anything… And then there’s today, sunday, in which I’m just sunday’ing. (Sunday’ing.. as in doing nothing)


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I love this..

How come there is always something wrong with the buff guys??? LOL

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Random post, random day.

Right now I am sitting in my English class, just got done writing a paper.

School today hasn’t been that bad. Went to lunch at DQ, God I love American fast-food (too bad my body doesn’t feel that way).

It feels wonderful that it’s finally Friday again. This weekend will consist of at least one show with the BBB band.

Tuesday is valentine’s day and I, as many other anti-valentine’s day, do not have a date, which is just wonderful.

Read this interesting post a few days ago, on a (literally) positive blog.


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Visiting the St. Louis Art Museum!

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the Secret; is it only a book?

A friend of mine recommended the Secret, a book of positive thinking, with other words a  a personal development book. After being to lazy to read it, and getting a hold of the audiobook, I was impressed!

Cover of "The Secret"

Cover of The Secret

Being a teenager, I am (as if now, I was) very negative and had my bad days, and my even worse days, until I read the secret.

It is a book, but is it only a book? The Secret movement has been going on since the first and original the Secret was published in 2006; since then a follower of the book, the Power, has also been released. The word has spread around the world in different countries and to all age groups.

It has almost become a religion, modernized people who turn away from religion but instead turn to something else, like for instinct the Secret. 

Would I reccomend it? YES highly! Read it, give it a chance!

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