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When you get the feeling..

Just when you get that feeling.. It feels like I’ve come back home after my life (my life back here at home) has been “paused” for a year, or more exactly 11 months. It feels like everyone here has become a lot more mature, FASHIONABLE and should I dare say.. boring?

I feel like I came back and turned into who I was before I even left. I know I’ve matured a lot myself and I’ve definetely become a bit more ballsy, which is of course good and bad.. mostly good LOL.
Back to the sad part.. coming back home, where everyone is more mature, fashionable and ohh.. busy? Suddenly everybody has a job, so I finally got one myself, yay for that.

Boyfriends; it’s as if everyone’s got one of those too.. I guess I should focus on the great things about being single.. especially this time of the year.. woop wooop!!!.. (or not)

Anyway, life’s brilliant, I have work tomorrow.. this weekend, or more specifically this saturday

night will be eeeeepic!

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Half birthday!

I decided before I started this blog, that it was not going to be a blog about my typical daily life and happenings…
Today though was just great. I had some of my dearest Americans around, and realized how much I take for granted..

Lately I have looked forward to leaving to go back home; to see my family, friends and so on.. but what I didn’t realize fully, is that I have it all here. I have got to know a whole other family, who is my second family now, and friends who mean more to me then I ever thought.

Even though I am far away from all the things I used to know, I learned to know something else, something new and different, and words can’t describe how important that is for me.

Just felt like throwing that out there. It’s true what you’ve all heard so many times.. “You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone!”.



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